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Resource Dump #1

Hello its me Ken and today I'm dumping some resources your way for Pokemon Hacks. (All Resources have links to Owner, Read their page to find out to give credit or not.)

GSC Resources:

#1 Gen 3/4/5 Devamp http://cybermaroon.deviantart.com/art/GSC-Post-Gen-3-Pokemon-2-207790699

#2 Gen 3/4/5 Devamp 2 http://cybermaroon.deviantart.com/art/GSC-Post-Gen-3-Pokemon-1-205757563

#3 Ghetsis Overworld http://sixsamuraiftw.deviantart.com/art/Ghetsis-Overworld-Sprites-264730888

GBA Resources:

#1 Complete Icon Set (Kanto-Kalos) TOO LARGE TO POST


#2 Mega Gardevoir Overworld http://www.deviantart.com/art/Mega-Gardervoir-Overworld-Sprites-417553427

#3 Kalos Starters (Icons, OWs, Backspriters and Frontsprites) http://kyle-dove.deviantart.com/art/Gen-6-sprites-347485520

#4 Indoor Tiles http://www.deviantart.com/#/art/Indoor-free-tileset-358185881?hf=1

Uh..For now that's enough resources I'll dump some more when I find'em, Bye!

Hello its me Ken here again with another Hack of the Week. I am here showcasing Pokemon Yellow Advance which is in Alpha 1. Stay tune after the break...

Story: The idea of this hack is pretty simple, it’s a Pokémon Yellow remake aimed to bring a perfect GBA experience of Pokémon Yellow with a number of additional enhancements. For some people FireRed and LeafGreen filled that spot, but for me it didn’t, and I’m sure many others share my feeling

So this hack is a remake of Pokemon Yellow, Im still waiting for a Hoenn remake but whatever. So I never actually played the original yellow but from I can hear it sounds good like any other Pokemon game. In the planned features I can see that Pikachu will follow you around, I would love for this to be in game, perhaps Gary could have Eevee follow him? Anyways the visuals aren't top notch  but that's alright.

So this gets 4/5 Stars for now...but lets see what it can bring.

Heres the link for the thread: http://www.pokemonhackersonline.com/showthread.php?t=14429-Pok-mon-Yellow-Advance-Alpha-1

Looking For Admins

Looking for users to help arond with this site all I need is someone who can post to here and give content that can entertain and inform people on what's going on in the community. If you ever need ROM Hacks information check out PHO or PokeCommunity.


Hack of the Week!! #1

Hello its me Ken here it a mighty fine pokemon hack showcase, I am here today showing off spanish hack Pokemon Girantina's Legend. Stay tune after the break...

A trio of guys bound together by a common memory ready for meeting, learning and life experiences. One of these guys will be you a guy who is about to embark on a great adventure!
It is the big day finally your great adventure is about to begin . In the morning you go to the laboratory of Professor oak that after talking with his assistant will tell us who is in route 1.
Released by the laboratory meet Steve , the son of the professor who will tell us worried that her father has disappeared!
The answer is that the assistant explained to us that the professor is in the path 1 , Steve surprised tell you that his father has never had an assistant since he moved to the region of Shinzo .
So you'll run into the lab to stop the one who was sent by someone who does not yet know the identity !
Who are the other 2 guys? By whom was sent the fake server. What happened to Professor OAK ?
You will discover it playing Pokemon Giratina 's Legend !

So this hack looks promising the story is decent and the graphics are really on point. The sprites are very visuallly appealing and give more than some hacks provide. From the screenshots you can tell they put so much work and effort into the game on Mapping.

So what about the Scripting?

From the video you can see its adding more such as this mini game, it brings my hopes up that this can become something of a Poke mon Competion like in HeartGold and SoulSilver. Sadly for some its in Spanish but one can always hope somebody comes along and makes a engish patch only time can tell.

Anyways I give 4/5 Stars

Thats it for now but heres a link to the thread with details on Creators and more video previews.